Bronze Handled Cutlery Set, 16 pieces

 A set of 16 pieces of bronze handled flatware for 4 place settings, from the Morel Collection.

Eaglador's bronze-handled flatware is a classic. The sophisticated design, contrasts clean sculptural shapes with organic textural details that could only be achieved through a highly specialised casting process. The textured element takes its inspiration from a morel mushroom and contrasts beautifully against a polished rigid spine, which lends an almost aerodynamic element.

The set is crafted by skilled artisans to exacting standards. The centre of each piece is painstakingly drilled to ensure an even hand to blade ratio, ensuring the utensils are neither too light nor too heavy. From an aesthetic standpoint, the collection is extremely versatile, with the pieces looking equally at home in a clean, modern setting or mixed in with a more traditional aesthetic.

Contains 4 table knives, 4 table forks, 4 dessert spoons, 4 teaspoons.

The set comes in a storage box.

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