Bronze Handled Carving Set

A bronze handled carving set from the Morel Collection.

Contemporary in style, the handles have wonderful sculptural pitted detail that resembles a morel mushroom; and the combination of this organic detail against a polished rigid spine strikes an interesting look. 

When selecting materials for flatware, the right balance of properties such as strength, corrosion resistance and aesthetics must be considered for cutlery design and bronze offers a unique balance of weight, durability, and aesthetic appeal suitable for premium cutlery designs. Bronze casting also opens up possibilities of experimenting with sculptural elements, three dimensional textures and reliefs not always achievable by other manufacturing methods. 

Indeed, the Morel collection of luxury flatware has been expertly crafted by Eaglador and is highly durable. The handle is cast in bronze by lost wax technique and the centre has been drilled to address the right balance and weight so it feels natural and ergonomic. 

The set comes in a presentation box.

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